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Interior Painters in London

Painting the interior of your home is a cost-efficient way to breathe new life into your property. Statistically, we spend over 80% of our time indoors, so it’s only common sense to want to make sure our living space is as beautiful and elegant as possible.

Our expert painters in London have the experience and expertise to transform any room inside your home with quick turnaround times.

Whether you want a fresh lick of paint on your walls or your bathroom tiles painted, we have got you covered. 

Call us today at 0203-488-9800 to get a free quote from the best painters and decorators in London.

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Exterior Painters In London

Do you want the exterior of your home to be painted so beautifully it leaves you and your neighbours in awe? If the answer is yes, our painters in London have got you covered.

Prior to commencing the exterior painting of your home, thorough preparation will be carried out, this is a very vital step in producing the excellent results we always deliver. This involves filling gaps, removing loose scraped paint, and making sure any other imperfections are rectified. Once this is complete and we have covered all doors and windows we can begin the painting work to the highest level of detail. Our aim is to make you mesmerised by the beauty of the outside of your home once we are done.

Trustworthy Painters In London

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Do I need to hire a professional painter or can I do the work myself?

Painting your home can be a fun experience but someone wishing to do so may underestimate the skill and time it takes to achieve a professional high-quality finish.

However, you should also consider health and safety especially if dealing with ladders, solvents and dust. Professional painters also deal with the preparation of surfaces in a more correct manner and know when the right amount of coats to apply and the right time to wait between each coat of paint.

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Call the London Painting and Decorating Professionals

We are a team of experienced painters with decades worth of combined experience in painting and decorating. We create stunning, elegant, and modern masterpieces, bringing your ideas to life. We provide our expert advice and help our customers choose the best colour schemes for their homes.

We work in all types of homes across London and surrounding areas, providing, delivering excellent service to our customers and ensuring their complete satisfaction. If you are looking for the best painters and decorators in London,  Prospective Builders has you covered. Call us today at 0203-488-9800 for a free quote.

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Painting And Decorating FAQs

Find the answers to common questions we are asked​

Using the quote form on the contact us page or give us a call on 0203 488 9800.

We deliver a very high standard of work at an affordable price. We will give you a non-obligation quote after your consultation. 

Yes, all our staff are fully insured. 

Yes, we have public liability insurance up to £2,000,000.

We cover the whole of London and surrounding areas.

We work on every type of home, whether it is a traditional build, new build, flats, bungalows, terraced houses, semi detached, we can do it all!

Yes! Before we start any work we offer a comprehensive quote to provide you with the best price for the job. We believe in 100% transparency and making sure you are fully informed and satisfied with all of the details.

As all jobs vary in complexity, please contact us so we can have a brief consultation where we can provide you with a more accurate estimation.

Painting and Decorating FAQs

We remove and protect doors, windows and furniture to ensure we can complete the job correctly and achieve a seamless finish. We also conduct a full site clean-up and rubbish removal upon completion.

This all depends on the brand of paint you use and what you are painting. As long as the correct preparation has been completed and the correct number of coats have been applied, you should only need to re-coat between 5-6 years on average but it all depends on brands, material, interior and exterior.

We remove and protect doors, windows and furniture to ensure we can complete the job correctly and achieve a seamless finish. We also conduct a full site clean-up and rubbish removal upon completion.

Yes. We can help you choose patterns and colours so that you achieve an immaculate finish for your room. Our decorating service includes wallpaper hanging and removal. 

Contact us and a friendly member of our staff will guide you through every step of the process. There are never any hidden extras – unless you change plans of what we’re doing, what we quote is what you pay.

It helps if you can clear the room of furniture and other items as much as possible, as this makes it easier and quicker to work on. Sometimes, however, this isn’t practical – for example, we’re used to working around office equipment and other fittings.

No, we bring plenty of dustsheets, polythene sheeting and tape with us to ensure your carpets and other items are always protected.

We always tidy up after ourselves at the end of every day, and then clean thoroughly once the project is finished.

Paint can feel dry after about 24 hours, and you can then replace the furniture. However, it can take up to two weeks to fully set, so be careful to start with. Our painters will always recommend to you when is best to start hanging paintings back up and putting sofas against walls.

Yes, our work work prior to painting includes repairs for holes and cracks.

Each painting project is different, and we use whichever tools are best for each job. Typically, our painters and decorators use brushes and rollers. Some special jobs may require a spray for a different kind of finish.

Here at Prospective Builders provide professional painting services for the interior and exterior of any newly constructed builds, apartment complexes, houses and commercial and industrial complexes.

We provide you with the best consultation including information that will allow you to have a colour that is up to modern trends and according to your design and taste. So reach out to us for a free quote.

While we always include basic prep work like filling nail holes, larger wall repairs are an option. Some affairs may need additional preparation such as ruined door frames, or the process of scraping and sanding uneven surfaces, peeling or chipping paint, or repairing dents or cracks in walls. Our painters and decorators can also rectify stains or discoloration due to water or fire damage.

Yes, painting kitchen cabinets is one of our specialities that our decorators are able to do. Painting or refinishing kitchen cabinets is a great way to update and upgrade your kitchen. A modern kitchen is one of the best ways to add value to your home. We know exactly which paints also work best.

Not cutting corners, preparation, preparation, preparation; and finally, budgeting enough time to do the work properly.

Not cutting corners, preparation, preparation, preparation; and finally, budgeting enough time to do the work properly.

Plastering and sanding do create dust. We will do our utmost to lessen it. All floors will be carefully protected with drop sheets, and your furniture covered with plastic. Other areas of your house or apartment will be blocked off with plastic so that they remain as much as possible dust-free. At the end of the project, we will clean carefully the rooms where we have worked. Some smell is unavoidable when you paint. We will try to work with paint which is a lot less smelly, unless you specifically ask us to use an oil-based paint which will create a stronger smell.

It is generally not necessary to seek alternative accommodation while the work is being done, but painting can be messy. There may be dust and noise. Professional painters will clean-up at the end of each day and make sure that your furniture is placed in its original condition when the job is done. If you have small children or pets, it is advisable to keep away from the areas of work for safety reasons. Your personal builder will advise you on anything you need to know and answer all your queries.

Yes, we can use designer paints if requested. Our quotes generally don’t allow for designer paint so please expect additional cost.

Yes, it does. Tinted paint costs more than white or magnolia and it cannot be returned. It also depends on existing colours that need to be covered – strong dark blues and browns may take four coats to disappear. Reds and yellows don’t cover well and usually need and extra layer. If you are looking to repaint a brown with yellow, please be prepared for additional cost and time. Repainting with the same colour is much easier.